Funding and Financing Tools and Strategies
These case studies profile comprehensive smart growth funding/financing strategies and the use of different tools and resources, including emerging tools that are likely to become more important for California cities seeking post-redevelopment funding solutions.

San Francisco's IFD and Rincon Hill Pilot IFD
The City and County of San Francisco began exploring the use of IFDs in 2008 in a search for infrastructure financing tools to use outside of redevelopment project areas. The San Francisco IFD and Rincon Hill Pilot IFD grew out of the need for new infrastructure to support residential and commercial development in the four Eastern Neighborhoods planning areas. Traditional redevelopment tax-increment financing was not a viable option because most of the areas fell outside of redevelopment areas. Over the following years, San Francisco developed a policy to guide the use of IFDs and established a pilot IFD in the Rincon Hill neighborhood.
This case study discusses San Francisco’s experience with IFDs to date, and the lessons that other jurisdictions can learn from that experience.